Meetings & Events

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The next meeting for the WGC is scheduled for the Monday, 19th of March 2018 at 2pm.


For those of you find seeds costs and shipping are increasing beyond what you would like to pay, here is an opportunity to save up to 50% or more. The Wilmot Garden Club will be having a group seed order afternoon (19th of February 2018, 2pm) at the Melvern Square Community Hall. If you only want a few seeds instead of a whole package come join us. What we do is get together to order seeds. When they arrive we divide them up into smaller packages and you pay for the number of seeds you take, plus a small portion for shipping if any. Bring along your favourite seed catalogs (we will have other catalogs on hand).

You can registered for this workshop by email at: or by phoning 902-847-1001.