December 2018 Pot Luck

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Sue, Marion and Valerie provided music for the evening
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The meal was good but the chocolates were excellent
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Who brought all of the cheesecake
5 / 6
Good cheesecake and coffee
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Oooh this is good

For those who missed the "Pot Luck" you missed a wonderful evening. First we had the "Garden Shed" game which everyone tried their hand at guessing the objects hidden inside the garden shed.

Next up was dinner and what a feast that was. Members brought all kinds of main dishes, sweets, breads and salads.

Next Sue Van Horne, Marion Hole and Valerie Despres provided a medley of Christmas songs which everyone greatly enjoyed and sang along with as a group.

Finally, Paul had a great PowerPoint Slide-Show Game. He divided the group into teams of three members each and the teams had to correctly answer a question on each slide with only a slide image as a hint. Question 26 was the hardest see image below.