The Wilmot Garden Club came into being in 1956, and its first annual flower show was held in 1959.

To mark our 50 year anniversary, the Wilmot Garden Club designed and implemented a club logo. As depicted the logo incorporates the Joe Pye Weed on a background shield bearing the name of the club. Joe Pye Weed is a common wild flower in the Wilmot area. It is a sturdy plant with roughish, ovate, slightly pointed light green leaves and terminal flower clusters with soft, bristly dull magenta-crimson coloured florets sometimes a dull white colour). The leaves are toothed and are grouped in circles at intervals along the tall stalk. It is a favorite of honeybees and is named for a New England Native American who used the plant in native medicine for the cure of fevers. The flower is attractive in arrangements and makes a nice dried flower.

The garden club hold meetings every month at the Melvern Square Community Hall, 165 Bridge St. in Melvern Square, NS except for the months of December, January, and February. Although no meetings are held during the winter months we do have a yearly Pot Luck in December and sometimes workshops in the months of January and February - weather permitting. Check the Meeting & Events pages for additonal information on monthly happenings. Everyone welcome.